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The Dream ep

everything but the everything

I walked away from music in 2015. I was burnt out on years of "check out my band, our video,  our show..." but as the years rolled on, I found myself sincerely missing music. One night, I stumbled into an open mic at the Legionnaire (Oakland) and the band was killing it. "Well rehearsed" I assumed, but when people from the crowd rotated on stage and exchanged instruments, the music stayed tight. They were real musicians. That night I realized that just because I wasn't in a band I didn't have to stop being a musician and so my journey into songwriting began.

Art: Akeem Raheem



Chalk and Blood

featuring: tobias hawkins

This is the last of the four songs to come together and should be the first song you listen to. I initially wanted a different singer on each song but Tobias Hawkins was killing it and he certainly rewards us with more thoughtful lyrics and his creative approach. For inspiration I played him Megadeath's "Angry Again" in my Cadillac as we chopped it up over arrangements outside his house before our studio session. He said "I got this, its going to be big," and I do believe he delivered.

Art: Elaine Leon

This Cold Sea

Featuring: Tobias Hawkins

I was playing bass with Fake Your Own Death and we played a show at the Eagle (SF) with Tobias's band Matador. I was quietly on the lookout for musicians to ask to contribute with my side project and after seeing Matador perform, I immediately thought that he would be perfect for this song. Tobias came in and brought the attitude to the track that it was lacking. After the session Rex Shilverton, the EP's engineer said, "Holy shit,  I think you should work with that guy again."

Art: Elaine Leon


Featuring: Sophia Prise

Terry Ashkinos (Fake Your Own Death) offered to play some guitar when I told him about my project and he came in and knocked it out. For vocals I pictured a lady signing a'la Cindy Lauper or Stacey Q, so I reached out to Sophia Prise whom I've booked over the years and whom I first met as the booking guy for Jay Siegan's Red Devil Lounge (SF). "Just" is the first song I completed and recorded. Looking back, I was very fortunate to have a music vet like Sophia in the studio. She took charge and delivered exactly what I asked for. Thank you Sophia.

Art: Ami Campbell

This Cage

Featuring: Tobias Hawkins

I had been toying with this bassline for years but I could never turn it into a song.  I had always pictured this as a hip hop track but Tobias said, "Let me give it a try."  As we worked on melodies, the song started to lean in my mind towards Alice in Chains/90's rock but I wanted to add a Pink Floyd-esque solo. Terry Ashkinos (Fake Your Own Death) added slide guitar became the anchor to the track. Tobias's story of the alcoholic guy who goes to jail, and cleans himself up only to face his new reality of living sober can be described in one word, dark.

Art: Elaine Leon