Tobias Hawkins


As I formerly mentioned, I met Tobias playing a show at the Eagle. I don't believe we exchanged pleasantries on that particular occasion but I did notice how incredibly rock and roll he was. One would have to be blind not to. The clothes, the hair, the onstage persona and most importantly the big voice. A quick google search along with some light questioning from me revealed that Tobias played drums for Counting Crows, played with the drummer from Primus (under the name Laundry) but his favorite band that he fronted was the Girlfriend Experience.

Sophia Prise


Sophia is in my view the definition of the word artist. She sings opera, performs aerial acrobatics, fronts her own electronic music group and has sung back up for the likes of  Magic* Magic Orchestra. You can listen to her electronic releases on Beatport or catch her on her way to give vocal lessons to the up and coming. When I first met Sophia, she went under the name Prize. She would wear these extravagant outfits and her opera trained vocals would captivate her audience. In the studio, listening to her warm up, effortlessly climbing her music scales gave me chills. 

Rex Shelverton


I'll spare you the musical accolades. Do your own google search and you'll quickly see for yourself.  On stage, Rex (the frontman, guitarist, etc) has reached a level of success most of us aspire to. He is also an engineer and quietly I'm learning of his achievements in that area. Bottom line, Rex knows his gear. I came into the studio with and idea that evolved over time but Rex brought it to life by giving the EP a sound. Just like the way Bruce Dickenson puts on a pair of pants one leg at a time and makes gold records... Rex is a big reason why the record sounds the way it does and Im forever grateful.