Akeem Raheem


I met Akeem wandering through Oakland's First Fridays. I saw a painting in the corner of my eye and had to immediately investigate. I then wondered through the thick crowd, sun shining, loud music blaring from all angles and sweet chronic smoke dancing in the wind as I slowly made my way over to Akeem's art display. His art is vibrant, colorful, hip hop themed and drenched in Oakland pride. We exchanged a few words, networked and I knew I had the art for the cover I was looking for. You can peep and purchase Akeem's art at Urban Eclectic in Oakland.

Elaine Leon


I've been fortunate to follow this artist from the struggle stage to having their art showcased in galleries. Elaine is a hungry artist. If you follow her Instagram you will quickly see that she breaths and lives art. When I look over her pieces, I cant help but see endless marketing possibilities. Her art is steeped in her Latin roots which gives her another angle to draw inspiration from. I'm very happy that she allowed me to use some of her pieces and I look forward to supporting a new friend and her dreams of success. 

Ami Campbell


On Ami's Instagram page you will notice a tranquil, elegant style that I can only compare to the first time I went to the Japanese Tea gardens in SF. Soft colors and textured floral patterns have become her signature but as a true artist, she also expirements. Her devil girl picture is one of my all time favorites. From the moment I saw it, I knew exactly how I wanted to use the piece. There's so much going on that picture. The makeup that's perfectly applied, the detail in her eyes, the Kill Bill hair cut... but the devil on her back tells us that there's more to this girl, proceed with caution.